How To Get 500K Score In Destiny 2’s Guardian Games Strike In The Dumbest Way Possible

Is nothing sacred, not even the spirit of competition itself? No, no it’s not. This is Destiny, if cheese exists, it will be found, and even Guardian Games is not immune from that.

The main draw of Guardian Games this year is a strike playlist that has medal scoring, and asks players to come up with strategies to rack up the highest score. You only need 175,000 for platinum rewards, but there are fun bonuses, like a glow for who has the highest score in the Tower, and a special emblem for the top 10% of all scorers when the event is over.

Well, that’s kind of all gone to hell thanks to a new strategy to get anywhere from 500-600,000 score during the strike using the new medal system. This strategy comes from, who else, Cheese Forever, who puts out a short video on the tactic. It’s so, so dumb. I love it.

So what’s the deal? The main idea is that you are killing yourself, and getting multi-revive medals which give you more points than killing enemies.

The key components here are:

  • Getting a rotation down with your teammates, because the revive medals have a short cooldown.
  • Dropping your power below 1350 with a 0 level item.
  • Using a ricochet rounds gun to shoot bullets off a wall and insta-kill yourself because your power is so low.
  • Do a revive circle, and you start racking up points. Time it so you end up getting this big score at the beginning, but finish the strike at around 24 minutes as you won’t get more points past this.

Has this ruined the whole highest 10% score competition already? I mean, probably. Bungie can hotfix the medal so you can’t do this anymore, but I don’t know how they’d wipe out the scores that abused the glitch. I mean, maybe they can see everyone’s individual medals for reach run, and do it that way, but who knows. It does sound like if you do care about that high score you might as well try this in case they don’t end up wiping scores after all. There is no way you can get scores this high legit, or without using some other form of cheese less widely known.

I don’t believe that getting this high of a score gets you bonuses in terms of actual medals to turn in, but it’s just for the competition itself. A normal run of this strike in 10-15 minutes where you just…play normally and kill everything, is almost certainly going to get you platinum at 175K for this week’s rewards, so don’t stress about crazy strats if that’s your main goal.

I’ll post an update if this gets hotfixed or something.

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