As inflation slows and ruble rallies, Russia is hoping to avoid a crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Pole | Reuters Russia believes it has swerved a financial crisis as its currency rallies and economic data improves, but strategists say the numbers mask some ugly truths for Moscow. Although inflation in the country is running hot, there are signs that price rises are slowing and will continue to do … Read more

China signals easing of tech crackdown but don’t expect policy U-turn

China has shown signs of easing its crackdown on the technology sector which has wiped billions of dollars of value from its most prominent companies. But analysts said Beijing’s recent positive rhetoric should not be mistaken for a reversal of policy. “I think the big tech companies will have a grace period for maybe the … Read more

Guatemala attorney general’s reappointment raises alarm | Courts News

Guatemala City – Guatemala’s controversial attorney general has started a second term, but Maria Consuelo Porras’ last-minute reappointment this week has sparked widespread condemnation and new sanctions amid alarm over backsliding on the rule of law. President Alejandro Giammattei swore in Porras for another four-year period on Monday, despite critics who accuse her of playing … Read more

2022 Pennsylvania primary election updates: Fetterman, Mastriano declared winners

(AP) — An error by a company that prints ballots for several Pennsylvania counties made thousands of mail-in ballots unreadable Tuesday as voters were deciding hotly contested primaries for governor and US Senate in one of the nation’s most important battleground states. Officials in Lancaster County, the state’s sixth most populous, said the problem involved … Read more

Twitter takeover: A timeline of Elon Musk’s bumpy road

CNN Business  —  A board seat accepted and then rejected. A stunning $44 billion takeover offer with uncertain financing. And a surprise early morning tweet putting the deal on hold, temporarily. Even by the standards of Twitter, a company that has known plenty of chaos and dysfunction in its history, the weeks-long effort by billionaire … Read more

House Democrats to hold hearings, introduce legislation

House Democrats will hold hearings on the baby formula shortage in the US, and move to pass legislation to increase Food and Drug Administration inspection staff to ensure that imported products are safe for infants to consume. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, chair of the House Appropriations Committee, introduced legislation on Tuesday that would provide the FDA … Read more

Conspiracy theorists flock to bird flu, spreading falsehoods

Brad Moline, a fourth-generation Iowa turkey farmer, saw this happen before. In 2015, a virulent avian flu outbreak nearly wiped out his flock. Barns once filled with chattering birds were suddenly silent. Employees were concerned by having to kill sickened animals. The family business, started in 1924, was at serious risk. His business recovered, but … Read more

Biden gives emotional speech after Buffalo shooting: ‘White supremacy is a poison’

“White supremacy is a poison, it’s a poison … running through our body politic,” Biden said, adding that silence is “complicity.” “And it’s been allowed to grow and fester right before our eyes. No more, no more. We need to say as clearly and as forcefully as we can that the ideology of White supremacy … Read more

FDA authorizes Pfizer Covid booster dose for kids ages 5 to 11 years old

The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday authorized a third shot of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 at least five months after their two-dose primary series. dr. Peter Marks, head of the FDA division responsible for vaccines, said data increasingly shows that the protection provided by two shots wanes off over … Read more

Key lawmaker warns at UFO hearing: ‘Unidentified aerial phenomena are a potential national security threat’

For many lawmakers and intelligence and military personnel working on unexplained aerial phenomena, the bigger concern with the episodes is not that alien life is visiting Earth, but rather that a foreign adversary like Russia or China might be fielding some kind of next-generation technology in American airspace that the United States doesn’t know about. … Read more